Spruce Up Your Living Room In Minutes

Spring is on it’s way and and you can feel it. For me that always invokes an interior design change in my living room. It can’t be major like new furniture or a new room addition it needs to be cheep, full of color to lift my spirits and fast. Using some ideas from the past and with some searching this is what I came up with.

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Flowers or Plants: They bring life to the room. Every room needs a little greenery to make it feel like home whether it be faux or real flower or plant arrangements.



Hobby Lobby Pillow Cover
Hobby Lobby Pillow Covers

Hobby Lobby Pillow Covers
 Throw Pillows: Pillows are cheap around $10-$20 and very fast and easy to exchange out.  There are places like Hobby Lobby that have pillow covers that are very inexpensive. You buy 1 pillow form and then buy several pillow covers to change out when you want. Combine throw pillows with an afghan and you can have a great new look.

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Switching Things Around: Who says your furniture has to stay in one place? You feel like you have a new living room when you can move your furniture around and make different seating arrangements.




Moroccan Trellis Shag Rug






Area Rugs: A focal point can be described as the center of interest. An area rug can be just that in your living room and it doesn’t cost too much to change then every couple of years. I have found that the best sales occur at the beginning of the new year. So if you can save some dollars after Christmas you can get some really good deals.










11 Incredibly Cute DIY Lamp Shades















Lampshades: Target sells really great basic drum shades for $10-15Your designs would be endless let the artist within flow through your fingertips.




<a href="http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/bombay-trade-garrison-rod-pocket-back-tab-window-curtain-panel/3192632" target="_blank">http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/bombay-trade-garrison-rod-pocket-back-tab-window-curtain-panel/3192632?Keyword=window+curtains</a>
Bed Bath and Beyond
Tuscon-Bamboo Roman Shade
Infinity sheer Window Scarf
Classic Valence











Give Your Windows Something To Wear: Give your windows something new to    wear. Shop for curtains at your local mall or online. Pinterest has some great DIY ideas for window treatments that do not cost very much and are so attractive and definitely would give a new look to your living room.



“Spa Daisies” by Chris Paschke Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas


‘Spring Colors’ Canvas Print



Wall Art: Add a nice bright piece of art that adds some cheer and color to your home. Make your own piece of modern art to with a blank canvas and some oils, pastels, kids or what ever you have around.

I have listed just a few ideas to brighten up your living room as Springs come around but really there are endless ideas. What are some of yours?

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