Cleaning with Kids – 6 Way to Make Cleaning Fun

Not only do children create the mess, they absolutely hate cleaning it up! Cleaning with kids can be difficult for anyone, but it doesn’t have to be. Turning your children’s chores into something they actually enjoy doing is a great way to get things done, while teaching them valuable life lessons.

happy family doing the cleaning

Here are 10 things you can do to get your kids off the couch, and helping out around the house.


1) Sweep Hockey!

Use painters tape to set a “goal” on the floor! Praise is the key here. Once your child has swept everything into the “goal,” cheer! GOOOOAAAALL!

“Floor sweeping! We created a square out of painter's tape to help define the area to sweep into. Dried pasta or beans are perfect for this activity.”:
Photo Credit: motherlymontessori


2) Sock Puppet Duster!

This fun idea allows your kids to play while doing the cleaning! Sock puppets are a great way to clean things like the blinds.

Sock Puppet Dog
Learn how: SheKnows


3) Make a Cleaning Caddy just for kids

Use kid size tools and kid safe products. Sometimes, kids just like having their own stuff that’s just like mommy and daddy’s.

Tools for Cleaning With Kids via Clean Mama
Kid Friendly Cleaning Spray: CleanMama


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4) Cleaning Dance Part! (Or singing… either way)

Upbeat music is a great way to enjoy the process and create amazing memories! My family always ends up on the “Disney” Pandora station… “Let it go! Let it go!”

Sweeping and dusting while singing with kids
Photo Credit: CraftyFrugalMom


5) Treasure Hunt! Hide rewards that can be found while doing chores

The key here is finding the right rewards. I have a little candy vending machine in my home, so quarters are a great motivator for my kids. It also gives me the opportunity to teach them about saving!

robot scavenger hunt for kids
Photo Credit: GrowingUpBilingual


6) Dirtiest Rag Competition

Start out with a clean paper towel. After a couple minutes, everyone stops and shows their rag. Whoever’s rag is the dirtiest wins!



Bonus) If all else fails… Make Memories

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