4 “No-Chemical” Methods to Getting Grape Juice Stains Out of Your Carpet

Oh NO! Your toddler’s sippy cup has been leaking grape juice into your front room carpet. How long has that been there? You know we’ve all been there, and it’s easy to panic in this circumstance.

The question is, what now?

A glass of spilled wine on brand new carpet will leave a stain.

Grape juice: Loved by children, feared by carpets. Whether it’s grape juice or your favorite Merlot. the anxiety you feel when your child walks into the living room with a glass full of this dark, stubborn stain maker is unlike any other. Whether you’re looking at a stain in your carpet right now, or you need to be prepared for the future, these methods will ensure that grape juice never causes another problem in your home.

Method 1 – Lemon Juice

  1. Time – This is our most important resource. As with any potential stain, the faster you act, the easier this process will be. Determine if the stain is fresh, or if it already dry (skip straight to step 4)
  2. Remove Excess Juice – Start by soaking up the stain with a dry rag or paper towels. Press down, don’t rub, in order to soak up the juice without spreading the stain. Doing this quickly ensures the stain doesn’t have time to set in.
  3. Lemon Juice – The acid in the lemon juice will help to remove the grape juice without affecting the coloration of your carpet. No need to use fresh squeezed lemons, the lemon juice you buy bottled at the market will do just fine. Simply apply a generous amount to the stained area, and blot out what you can. Add additional juice to the stain will scrubbing with a clean rag to remove the stain completely.
  4. Stubborn Stain – Always follow up with our Heavens Best Spot Remover. Don’t have a bottle? Contact your local Heavens best dealer to schedule a bottle delivery.

Method 2 – Club Soda

  1. Time – Once again, keep time on your side. The faster you act, the easier it will be to remove the stain.
  2. Blot Stain – It is important to get rid of as much juice as possible from the carpet before moving forward with removing the stain. Soak up as much juice as you can by applying pressure to the stain with a clean rag or paper towels.
  3. Club Soda – You’d never guess, but the carbon in club soda can remove a variety of stains from carpets, and it’s especially effective on Grape Juice. Apply a significant amount to the carpet. Using a clean rag, soak up the club soda, and the stain should come right out with it.
  4. Professional Cleaner (if necessary) – As always, it’s important to follow up with a professional cleaner. Our Spot Remover not only ensures there is no evidence the stain was ever there, but also ensures that the stain doesn’t reappear once the spot has dried.

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Method 3 – Dish Soap

  1. Act Quickly – If you haven’t read the previous two methods, time is your best friend. The quicker you act, the easier the process will be.
  2. Don’t make it worse – Remove any excess juice before getting started. Do this by simply blotting any extra juice from the stain using a clean rag or paper towel.
  3. Dish Soap – We recommend using a high-quality dish detergent on this step, as many of the cheaper soaps are not as concentrated. Mix one tablespoon detergent with two cups warm water. Apply a generous amount to the stain and blot until the stain is removed. Some scrubbing may be necessary, but restrain from this until the majority of the stain has been removed.
  4. Follow Up – Heaven’s Best Spot Remover will ensure that any remaining evidence of the stain is removed. Because the stain is already damp, use a small amount of stain remover to ensure the stain is history.

Method 4 – Professional Chemical-Free Cleaner

  1. Stubborn Stains – When you think all hope is lost, we’re here to save the day. Skip straight to this method for stains that have clearly already set in.
  2. Initial Cleanup – Because the stain has already set in, let’s just make sure that we aren’t working any dirt or messes deeper into the carpet. Simply start by clearing some space around the stain, and doing a thorough vacuuming of the affected area.
  3. Heaven’s Best Spot Remover – If you don’t have this product, get it. This is the only spot remover I trust on my carpet. Because it uses Citrus, instead of chemicals like Ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide, it’s safe with my kids and pets. Simply apply a generous amount to the stain, agitate with a rag or brush, and soak it up with a towel. It’s that simple. 3 steps and done.

What if I’ve still got the stain?

If none of these methods work for removing the stain, it’s time to call in the professionals. By having a professional do the work, you can rest easy knowing that your carpet is in good hands.

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